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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Devika Primić is a writer on  Hubpages (DDE). Her birthplace is the  Republic of South Africa and  currently living in Croatia. Her articles contain important information for those out there who need such advice.

A writer with an abundant amount of articles online, about Relationships, and of Personal Experiences.  Devika have created her own way of holding a reader's attention.  Let’s face it, an on-line reader’s attention span is short and online writing is no exception.  
Can Acquaintance Rape Be Prevented

‘‘Friends’’ Raping Friends

Could this happen to you?

The most common stereotype of a rapist is a man hiding behind the bushes, waiting to attack an unsuspecting woman. Operating from this stereotype, many rape prevention programs have stressed the installation of bushes, and the teaching of self-defense to woman and most of the women know their attacker.

Sexual assault is all too commonly found within dating relationships, an increasing number of rape prevention programs are being developed to not only train women how to protect themselves, but also, change the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of potential rapists, namely, ordinary men.

Targeting the rape myth:

Targeting the misinformation rape mythology is one of the most widely used- and effective techniques in rape education programs. Generally participants, first read or view fictional depictions of women becoming sexually aroused while being raped, followed by the presentation of the scientific and medical facts of rape trauma.

Sexual communication training:

Men are more likely to misinterpret friendliness from an other-sex person as sexual interest. Educating people about how such sexual misunderstandings come about has been shown to have a positive influence on beliefs, and attitudes about rape and violence.

Inducing empathy:

Empathy is a feeling of compassion and tenderness for people who experience pain, loss, or other unfortunate circumstances in their lives. People who experience empathy are less likely to believe that victims caused their own plight. It is reasonable to hypothesis that inducing empathy will make participants in rape prevention programs more sympathetic to victims of sexual assault.

Sexual Aggression

What promotes a belief in the Rape Myth?

Pornography promotes the belief in rape myth the kind of material one uses to allow for a low character and a degrading purpose.
Such behavior is encouraged by these disrespectful acts. Both men and women have a satisfied action from these acts.

The Rape Myth

Physical abuse is a common theme in sexual encounters between men and women. Everybody has a dark side, there is no perfect person, so you can't look down at every man.
A belief that women enjoy forcible sex is totally nonsense, it is false, women don't find it exciting. Rape shows violence with force making the person dissatisfied and hurt physically, emotionally and mentally.
Most rapists feel it is true and watching the sexually aggressive movies makes one think that is how many women enjoy their intimate lives.

What do you think of the following Rape Myths?
A woman who goes to the home or apartment of a man on their first date would that imply she is willing to have sex?
Do you believe any female can get raped?

Some women can falsely report a rape to call attention to them.
Any healthy woman can successfully resist a rapist if she really wants to.
When women go around bra-less or wearing short skirts and tight tops, they are just asking for trouble.
In the majority of rapes, the victim is promiscuous or has a bad reputation.

If a girl engages in necking or petting and she lets things get out of a hand, is it her fault if her partner forces himself on her?

Women who get raped while hitchhiking get what they deserve.
A woman who is stuck up and thinks she is too good to talk to guys on the street deserves to be taught a lesson.
Many women have an unconscious wish to be raped, and may then unconsciously set up a situation in which they are likely to be attacked.
If a woman gets drunk at a party and has intercourse with a man she is just met there, she should be considered ''fair game'' to other males at the party who also want to have her intimately whether she chooses to or not.
There are women who report a rape for personal reasons, like to get back at the accused, they are angry and lie about the rape.
Sometimes a woman will say she was raped if she is pregnant, to protect her own reputation.

If your friend tells you she was raped would you immediately report it?

People shouldn't use ''an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'' as a rule for living.
Do you think being roughed up allows for woman to be intimately involved with the other.
Most of the time you get women who pretend they don't want to be intimate with the other person, is she hoping he will force himself on her, or is she the loose kind of woman who doesn't mind it.

Do women enjoy it when a man forces himself on her?
Should a women move out if her husband forces himself on her?
Do you think explicit photos or movies provoke men aggression against women?
Watching such movies makes a man feel he can do what he likes to a woman even when she says NO.

Many females are being used as charms to prostitution and this also gives many men the opportunity to look at these women as low character.
Raping a woman is wrong, there is no doubt about it, but if a woman lies to get back at someone then that is a problem.

I once knew a teenage girl she was the kind that flirted with guys and had many boyfriends. There was gossip about her around the neighborhood I was much younger and to me at that time all the gossip felt strange and I wasn't familiar with her situation. A year later I realized her game.

The many boyfriends she had decided to have fun with her away for the weekend and this young women knew what her weekend would be like something she consented to, but didn't tell anyone. On that Friday afternoon after school ended she planned her trip and was away while her family sat by worried and had no idea what was going on with their daughter.

It was scary when her family and the neighbors spoke of the girl’s short disappearance as a kidnap or rape incident because it wasn't, and it made other young girls feel unsafe. When she finally returned home after the long weekend, something else came up.

Her lies covered up the incident of the weekend. She made it look like rape and kidnap and another belief came about, that she was possessed by a Tokolosh. The girl looked pale, and had a continuous stare across the ceiling which made others fall in for this superstitious belief. It was all so corrupt in that family for a while they had people come by and visit their daughter in everyone's eyes this girl was raped and kidnapped, but now looking back on the story she was just looking out for a good time with her boyfriends.

The myths believed about rape can sound true to many men

You can have many friends and be together with guys but if you don't trust anyone then don't be with that person. Being with a guy who wants to be intimate with you, and you too want to do the same. However, for some reason you pulled back and didn’t want to. Although you had every intention to and were willing to engage in intercourse, in other words you indicated YES but meant NO

Woman resist with intimate moments for cultural reasons, the thought of sleeping intimately is not what they want to do before marriage. It is socially acceptable for women to dress up in short skirts and to appear sexy, and are labeled negatively or known as loose.

Faced with this double standard, some women may see engaging in token resistance as a rational behavior to deflect this sort of negative social attribution. Also some women send mixed signals that are why some men force themselves on such individuals, but that shouldn't imply forced sex.
Rape occurs when a man refuses to stop his sexual Aggression.